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Thompson Chain Bibles Thompson Bibles are unique. Each one is carefully hand-crafted, one at a time, using the finest paper, leathers, and craftsmanship.

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Thompson Bibles at a Glance

KJV Thompson Bibles at a glance Thompson Bibles are made for those who use their Bibles every day. A Thompson study Bible will help you in ways other Bibles can't. It's the unique Chain-Reference System that allows you to follow any subject, person, place or idea, from the front of your Bible to the end.

Thompson users say it's the best way to study your Bible. No other Bible has this superb, patented, Thompson Chain Reference System developed by Dr. Frank C. Thompson in 1890. Since that time, thousands of additional topics and links have been added.

The Thompson you buy today has over 100,000 links covering over 7,000 topics. Every page is stuffed with treasure. Your Thompson Bible will become a trusted friend.

Premimum Extras!

Your Thompson Bible comes with extras, found only in premium study Bibles, like gold-foil gilded pages and double-sided real silk ribbon bookmarks. Your Thompson® can also be personalized with your name in gold on the cover. For super-swift researching you can order your bible thumb indexed.

Many Choices!

Choosing a Thompson Bible is a personal choice. All Thompson regular sized, handy sized, and large print Bibles are available in a variety of covers, colors and translations. If you would like a lifetime of use, we recommend the leather covers. You'll find our leather Bibles are exquisite.

Thompson Bible Benefits!

NIV Thompson BiblesThe Chain-Reference System is found only in Thompson Bibles. It is the most helpful study tool ever assembled. Every important verse of the New and Old Testaments has been analyzed into topics which help to open up the meaning of the verses and stimulates Bible study. Start with any verse of Scripture and follow thousands of topics all the way through your Bible.

Forward Chain-Reference. These chain links are found on every page of your Thompson® Bible. They will lead you to the next Scripture verse in the chain, helping you follow any topic from Genesis through Revelation.

New Topics. These marginal references direct you to a new topic in this verse. You simply go to the Index of Topics you'll find a wealth of information and the first place in Scripture to begin the 'chain' for this topic.

Better than a Concordance. You'll find related topics not mentioned by word in the Bible Text. This helps you to expand the scope of your study in a way that goes beyond what a complete concordance can do.

Analysis of Each Chapter. Each Chapter of your Thompson Bible has been thoroughly analyzed into the main divisions and printed in bold-face type, presenting a digest of the teachings of the Chapter.

Thompson Bible Translations!

Thompson adult Bibles are available in the 3 most popular English translations:

Discover for yourself the excellence of Thompson Bibles. Choose your Thompson today.

Just Some of the Thompson Bible's Features!

Choose Your Translation!

Available in Hardcover or Leather, Regular-size, Handy-size, or Large Print. (1611) The most popular translation ever produced, this Bible was done during the reign and at the urging of King James the First of England. 47 scholars, divided into 6 groups, worked on this translation.

Based largely on the Bishop's Bible, many Hebrew and Greek texts were also studied as well as all other available English translations, to insure the best results. By choosing men of many different theological and educational backgrounds, it was hoped individual prejudices of the translators could be minimized.

Printed in a handy size and in clear type, the KJV was supposed to please clergy and congregation alike. Despite initial resistance, the KJV became and still is the largest selling translation of the Bible.

Available in Hardcover or Leather, Regular-size only. (1971) The Lockman Foundation of La Habra, California set out to produce the "Most technically accurate translation of the Bible possible."

Partially because of their dissatisfaction with the RSV's version of the 1901 American Standard Version, the Lockman Foundation chose to use the best Greek and Hebrew texts available to revise the ASV.

Though many conservative scholars consider this to be the most accurate translation available, because of the NAS's desire for technical accuracy it is not the most readable of the modern translations.

Available in Hardcover or Leather, Regular-size only. The beauty and accuracy of the KJV, in a contemporary, readable language. When a customer considers the important factors in choosing a Bible translation (accuracy, beauty, and ease of understanding) the choice is clear.

Only the New King James Version offers precision and clarity without sacrificing readability. Commissioned in 1975 by Thomas Nelson Publishers, 130 respected Bible scholars, church leaders, and lay Christians worked for seven years to create a completely new, modern translation of Scripture, yet one that would retain the purity and stylistic beauty of the original King James.

With unyielding faithfulness to the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic texts, the translators applied the most recent research in archaeology, linguistics, and textual studies. The result is a Bible that is both beautifully worded and trustworthy. Ideal for study, teaching, personal reading, and congregational use.

No wonder the NKJV over the last several years has consistently been the fastest-growing translation of the complete Bible, selected by more than 25 million customers since its release! The New King James Version is also the preferred translation of thousands of today's most prominent Christian leaders.
You Will Love Your Thompson Bible!
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