Thompson Leather

Thompson Bible Leathers

Nothing compares to the quality of a hand-crafted Thompson leather Bible. You'll notice the difference the moment you lift a new leather Thompson from its protective box.

Before you can open your new Bible, the wonderful scent of genuine leather will fill the room. We are very careful about the leather we accept. Only the finest hides are used to handcraft your Thompson Bible, and it takes a full day to make one.

One reason we're so choosy about our leather is because Thompson Bibles are crafted for a lifetime of use.

If you own a Thompson you already know that the more you use a Thompson the better the leather feels. It gets softer and more supple every year.

Men tell us their Thompson fits their hand like a baseball glove.

Women say they hold it to their chest like a dear child. The Word of God should be our most treasured possession. If you love God's Word you deserve to carry a Thompson. It's an investment you'll be happy you made.

Thompson Morocco Bible Leather

Thompson Bible Capri Grain Leather

Thompson Bible Genuine Leather Levant Grain

You Will Love Your Thompson Bible!
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