Thompson Paper

Thompson Chain Reference Bible

Thompson Chain Reference Bible Paper

Touch the paper of a Thompson and it will touch you back. Our printers have told us how much money we'd save if we just used the same paper as everyone else. NEVER. Our customers pay a little more to own a Thompson and we promise a lot more. The paper in your Thompson Bible is of the highest quality available.

The purest water and the finest paper pulps are used so that your Bible is guaranteed to never yellow or discolor. Fifty years from now when your great-grandchild picks up your old Thompson, the pages will be as white as they are today.

The pages are sewn together so they stay in your Bible, even after decades of use. Most all publishers glue their books when binding. That's why their Bibles won't stay open to the page you've turned to. Open any Thompson and it lays open flat, whether you turn to page 1 or 2,400. There is nothing else like the feel of the super-clean paper of a Thompson.

When you drag your fingers down a page you'll hear a faint squeaking sound. The sensation in your fingers is hard to describe, but it's almost like your Thompson is touching you back. As you personalize your Thompson with your own notes and discoveries, the paper gets softer and richer to touch.

Flip through the pages of your Thompson you'll love the unique sound this paper makes. It's like a gentle breeze brushing the leaves of a mighty oak.

You Will Love Your Thompson Bible!
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