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You can order nearly any Thompson Bible Thumb-Indexed for just a few dollars extra. We carefully hand-cut 35 notches into the open side of your Thompson Bible and apply 26 black gilded tabs and 9 gold tabs, to help you locate all 66 books of your Bible, your Index, Helps Section, Concordance and Archaeology information.

Why 35 tabs?

On the page before the Book of Genesis in every Thompson Chain-Reference Bible is a chart entitled "River of Inspiration". Starting with Genesis and proceeding throughout the Bible to Revelation, every Book of the Bible is grouped into one of nine major divisions.

The Gold(or Silver) tabs used in our exclusive indexing process represent the Book where a major division begins, while the black tabs represent the remaining Book names.

This educational feature benefits readers by helping them become more familiar with the location of major divisions of the Bible and helps to clarify their understanding of how the scriptures were written. In turn their Bible study time is more rewarding and effective.

9 Major Divisions:

Pentateuch O.T. History Poetry Major Prophets Minor Prophets Gospels & N.T. History Paul's Epistles(Major Letters) General Epistles(Minor Letters) Revelation

These tabs add value to your one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted Thompson Bible. Furthermore, they'll help you become better acquainted with your new Bible.

Since Thompson Bibles have nearly a thousand pages of additional helps at the back, you will be glad to have the Thumb Index to help you find anything in an instant.
You Will Love Your Thompson Bible!
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