Chain Reference System

The Thompson Chain-Reference System

The Chain-Reference System is found only in Thompson Bibles.
It is the most helpful study tool ever assembled. Every important verse of the New and Old Testaments has been analyzed into topics which help to open up the meaning of the verses and stimulates Bible study. Start with any verse of Scripture and follow thousands of topics all the way through your Bible.

Forward Chain-Reference.
These chain links are found on every page of your Thompson Bible. They will lead you to the next Scripture verse in the chain, helping you follow any topic from Genesis through Revelation.

New Topics.
These marginal references direct you to a new topic in this verse. You simply go to the Index of Topics you'll find a wealth of information and the first place in Scripture to begin the 'chain' for this topic.

Better than a Concordance.
You'll find related topics not mentioned by word in the Bible Text. This helps you to expand the scope of your study in a way that goes beyond what a complete concordance can do.

Analysis of Each Chapter.
Each Chapter of your Bible has been thoroughly analyzed into the main divisions and printed in bold-face type, presenting a digest of the teachings of the Chapter.
Index of Topics

At the back of each Thompson Bible are 2 important Topical Indices: The Numerical Index of Topics and the Alphabetical Index of Topics.
These Indices help you quickly locate any Suject, Theme, Bible Character or Thompson Study Tool to begin a new study. Key Scripture verses in each chain are printed out in the Numerical Index, saving you hours of page-turning. Related Topics are cross-referenced withing the Index, leading you to additional Discoveries

Follow A Complete Chain Reference

You Will Love Your Thompson Bible!
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