Common Questions

Is there a patch so I can run the Thompson Bible Software on a Vista OS?

It has been available for some time. Word Seach who is the software company that programs this for Kirkbride has the update. Because Kirkbride has stock without the update, you would have to call Word Search after you receive your software at 1-800-888-9898 between 9 am to 10 PM CST to have them send you the download. There is no additional charge to update this software to Vista compatible.

When Kirkbride has exhausted their supply of current software, they will have the Vista version on the shelf. Until then, the upgrade is available and a phone call away after you receive your software.

Is the Thompson Bible Library Software available for the Macintosh Operating System?

It is only for IBM compatible computers at this time.

What color is the edging on 2 tone NIV handy size Bibles, and is the engraving gold or silver on these?

The handy size 2 tone in the blue and navy has silver edges and the engraving is done in the silver. The tan and red has gold edges and is engraved with the gold.

Do you still make the loose-leaf, wide margin?

No, sorry, they are discontinued.

Does Thompson plan to print a NKJV in large print?

Sorry, they have no plans to do so at this time.

What is the version date of the Thompson NASB Bible?

Kirkbride, who is the sole owner/manufacturer of the Thompson Chain-Reference Bibles, only has the original version of the NASB which is dated 1977. While they are in production all the time, the version date is 1977 and it is their first version with no updates of the references. If the version date says it is updated with a version date of 1995, it is not a Thompson Chain-Reference Bible but a huge conglomerate company that leads you to believe it is a Thompson Chain-Reference Bible. It is true that the Lockman Foundation updated the NASB in 1995, the Kirkbride Company did not update the NASB Thompson Chain-Reference Bible. To read the history of the NASB translation see the following link: Remember, if the updated version says 1995, it is NOT a Thompson Chain-Reference Bible.

Do You Still Have the KJV 4th Edition?

No, I am sorry. The KJV 4th edition has been out-of-print since 1988. The 5th edition began printing in 1988. The only way to find a 4th edition would be in the secondary market, i.e., garage sales, thrift stores, eBay, and old book stores. The 5th edition is the 4th edition expanded and has everything the 4th had plus more. While Kirkbride is always in production printing the bibles with the current year's date, it is still the 1988 5th edition.

Do you rebind your bibles?

No, Kirkbride does not rebind the bibles, however, they do recommend Norris Bookbinding. They have been restoring Bibles since 1947 and it is the only company we recommend. You can reach them at 1-662-453-7424 and the cost will depend on your needs.

Where can I purchase a French version?

French Version Thompson Chain Reference Bibles can be purchased through or

Where can I purchase a Spanish version?

Spanish Version Thompson Chain Reference Bibles can be purchased through or

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