Thompson Gold

Thompson Bible Gold

God's Word should be wrapped in gold.
The perfect leather study Bible should have gold-gilded pages, and most premium study Bibles do. But Thompson Bibles are still done the old fashioned way, with "old world" craftsmanship.

Chances are if your Bible has gold page-edges, the gold was sprayed on, like paint. It's okay, but usually loses its luster. Here's how we gild your Thompson:

Thompson Chain Reference Study Bibles

First, before we ever apply the leather cover, we squeeze your Bible tight in a vise. Then we sand the edges as smooth as glass. Finally, we lay a thin sheet of gold-foil on the edge of your Bible, and put it in a press that applies 50,000 pounds of pressure. That pressure causes so much heat, the paper nearly ignites! But that's what is required if you want to fuse gold to paper. Then we repeat this process on all 3 sides of your Bible, and the rounded corners.
You Will Love Your Thompson Bible!
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