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How To Use A Thompson Chain-Reference Bible

The Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible is fully self-directed. You choose what and how to study the Bible in ways that will best meet your own personal needs and interests.

The Thompson Study System is easy to use. You'll quickly feel at ease with the powerful Bible study tools unique to the Thompson Study System.

Thompson Chain Reference Bible

Look at the diagram at the right to fully make use of what you'll find in the margins of your Thompson Bible.


A. Keys for studying each Bible book. Key Verses and Key thoughts provide basic information you can use to develop your own study.

B. Chapter Analysis for every chapter of the Bible.
C. The Topical Guide Number allows you to identify and locate every verse in the Bible on more than 7,000 biblical topics. Use this number to find the first reference in the Bible for the topic you are studying.

D. Chain-Reference 
This unique feature points you directly to the next verse in the Bible for the topic you are studying.

E. Complete Verse Analysis shows the topics and themes of every verse of the Bible and provides easy reference to every other verse on the same theme or topic.

F. Parallel Passages (p.p) lists other Bible passages that cover the same topic.

Two important Indexes provide immediate links and guides to every topic, theme, person, place and event wherever it is mentioned anywhere in Scripture.

Alphabetical Index (It may be called "General Index" in your particular Bible, depending on the actual edition you have purchased.)

  • Alphabetically lists every significant topic, theme, person, place, and event in the Bible
  • Includes items found in the maps, charts, databases, and special Thompson materials as well as the Bible text itself
  • Every listing includes the Topical Guide Number tied to the Numerical Index where you will find the complete listing for the topic, its contents, and all of its locations in the Bible.

Numerical Index (It may be called "Index to Chain Topics" or "The Condensed Cyclopedia of Topics and Texts" in your particular Bible, depending on the actual edition you have purchased.)

  • Numerically lists every topic, theme, person, place, or event in the  Study System according to its Topical Guide Number.
  • Gives the first biblical reference in each Chain-Reference, so you can go to that reference and follow the topic step-by-step through the entire Bible.
  • Lists all verses on each topic so you can find a specific verse on the topic your are studying.

By using this exhaustive Index to find the specific areas you wish to study, you can develop your own study program and see how each related verse and its context add to your understanding and personal spiritual growth.

Comprehensive Informational Databases

Extensive helps. Aside from the incredible Thompson Chain-Reference System, the biggest thing that makes this Bible stand out is its extensive helps section. Useful and practical tables, charts and illustrations, comprise over 75 features arranged in 10 departments. On-the-spot help for nearly any Bible study question you may encounter.

You Will Love Your Thompson Bible!
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